Testimonial - We are so thankful and appreciative of Lorraine for providing us with our family's biggest "gift" of 2019!  Our PWD, 'Trooper", is such a beautiful, healthy, vibrant, loving and healthy puppy.  Lorraine's support and guidance began at the beginning of our process to find the ideal dog to suit our family has been absolutely incredible throughout.  It started with a detailed introductory conversation which allowed us to understand the pros and cons of PWD ownership and ends with the current day - even now we know Lorraine is always available to give us further guidance or answer any questions we still have (our puppy is 6 months old now).  Lorraine provides great instructions on getting your puppy settled at home in the initial weeks and if you follow her step-by-step instructions, you will have a well-trained dog (sleep and potty) in the first days of ownership.  Our puppy was sleep-trained in his crate by the 2nd night thanks to Lorraine's effort to instruct us.  We would recommend Lorraine to anyone looking to own a Portuguese Water Dog! Regards, Ramona Ehlert trooper

Testimonial - My name is Marie Nardella and I could write a book about how amazing Lorraine is for bringing baby Shinedown into Mana’s (almost 15 yr old Golden Retriever / Poodle mix) and my life.  Her guidance has been beyond exceptional from the moment we connected.

Shinedown truly is a gift from heaven, she picked us with a kiss and nibble on my nose when I first met with her and Lorraine.  I have had a smile on my face every time I look at the two of them together.  She adapted immediately with zero anxiety she knew she found her new family, was safe, sound and secure because of Gramma Lorraine’s amazing early training techniques.

Shinedown is extremely smart she learned all of the basics in a very short amount of time with Mana’s guidance, it was amazing to experience and watch a senior and a puppy connect immediately.  She learned to use the doggie door first day by watching Mana go outside for potty and that was it she was pretty much trained.

She is a “Water Dog”!  The minute I brought her home she dove right into the water bowl. I laughed so hard and I went out a got her a new kiddie pool, she took to it immediately.  
On her own accord jumps into the bath tub just to hang out when it is dry and in with me every day until she turned 9 months old, just hops in, closes her eyes and enjoys the water so much I have to let her, is so calming.

She is a loving, fun, friendly, happy, goofball, plays all of the time with her toys when not having a nap or out for an adventure.  She learned to retrieve her balls and put it back into my hands so quickly.

Shinny’s tail is always wagging with the prettiest constant smile on her face, she is fearless in the best ways and super social with everyone right from the start.  She gives gentle kiss’s, nibbles and is an amazing cuddler.  Her stamina and endurance is outstanding when we visit with our other puppy friends.  She plays so well with all ages, it is hilarious to watch them all together.

She has a wide oactive range which she uses to speak to me for various reasons ie. she has developed a very specific sound to get my attention when she wants her belly rubbed, I giggle inside every time.

She has had some pretty keen senses right from the start.  I do believe she is a natural born medical detection dog, she found and brought attention to a melanoma cancer that was just starting to develop on Mana’s upper lip when she had only been with us for about 3 weeks.
She kept giving Mana kisses in front of me, on the same spot for days until I looked further into it and she knew when I figured it out…It has been a long haul since but Shinedown has been beside her all the way being the best nurse.  She has saved her life by pointing this out to me, Mana has us more time with us and us with her because of Shinedown instincts.  I now watch her sniff Mana out daily to see if she lingers anywhere.  We are 8 months later since detection, Mana is doing so well you would never know what she is going through thanks to our little ray of sun.

I know the best us yet to come with this beautiful four-legged Portie of mine and we cannot wait to go visit Gramma Lorraine to give her love licks and wags from the lake.

Xox Marie, Mana & Shinedown Nardella


BigBay PWD

BigBay PWD

BigBay PWD


Testimonial - Hi Loraine, I want to share with you how getting our Beanie has changed our lives. We are so in love with our fur baby. He's truly an amazing puppy so smart so loving, training him has been so much fun as he is extremely smart and picks up quickly. He loves to just be with us no matter what we are doing as long as he’s with his “pack” he’s happy.  You are doing an amazing job breeding these loving and smart puppies.  And the support you offer with any questions as new fur baby parents is beyond ! 

Botelho family  

BigBay PWD


Testimonial - Bruno has been an amazing, smart loving puppy right from the beginning.  I can't wait to continue to watch him grow. Our experience with Lorraine as a breeder has been nothing short of excellent from start to finish.  She went over and beyond to bring Bruno into our family. Lots of information, and not once do I hesitate to contact her if I need help and would highly recommend her as a breeder.  V.

BigBay PWD

Testimonial - Lorraine, We cannot thank you enough for bringing beautiful Joni into our lives. Joni has the sweetest nature, is gentle, playful and keen to please. What a delightful puppy! We highly recommend Lorraine's Big Bay Portuguese Water Dogs to anyone looking for a remarkable dog from adedicated and knowledgeable breeder. Thanks so much    B. Mitchell

BigBay PWD

Testimonial - I first called Lorraine two years ago, when I began researching the Portuguese Water Dog, as an addition to our family.  It was very clear to me from our lengthy phone conversations and multiple face to face meetings that you not only have a true love of this breed, but also have in-depth knowledge and expertise on what it takes to produce puppies with gentle and loving temperaments, perfect for (somewhat anxious! ) first time dog owners with young children.  Mika’s sweet temperament is complimented on by everyone who meets her.   She really has become somewhat of a celebrity in our community, and on our daily walks I often hear “Hi Mika!” from the neighbourhood children and their parents.  At 4 months old, Mika has already mastered sit, stay, come, leave it and drop it…we really do think she must be the smartest puppy around! She keeps us laughing with her humour and warms our hearts with her affection and eager to please nature. Lorraine, your support and guidance has been incredible! From selecting the right puppy for our home, to crate training and potty training! The puppy schedule and manual you provided were instrumental in making that a positive experience for us all, especially Mika. We are completely in love with our sweet girl Mika and feel blessed to be her family! Thank you so very much Lorraine, for making my childhood dream come true! Farah S.

Portuguese Water Dog Thank You

Mika BigBay PWD

Thank you for our Portuguese Water Dog

Testimonial - On August 21st we brought home our Wonderful PWD puppy, Lincoln.  We are ecstatic to have received a puppy with such a calm and loving temperament and extremely smart!  Lincoln loves everyone he meets and everyone comments on his beautiful temperament and how smart he is.   Lincoln has proven himself to be a very fast learner.  By his 3rd day with us he was sleeping through the night. By the 4th day he was coming to his name and by his 5th day he was housebroken and sitting on command.  He is such a social butterfly ~ he loves to go everywhere and meet new people and dogs.

I want to congratulate Lorraine, not only her exceptional breeding practice, but also the whole process she has in place for clients purchasing her puppies. We started with a phone interview and then a visit to meet some of her dogs.  After we agreed to purchase a puppy, Lorraine kept us up to date from the day the pregnancy was confirmed, to the birth, and development of the puppies (Including pictures).  We also had a couple of visits to meet the puppies.  A few weeks before we picked up Lincoln, Lorraine sent us a Check List to get ready for our new arrival.  This is the perfect checklist ~ everything we needed to do to be ready for our puppy including timelines was on this list.  A few days before we picked up Lincoln, Lorraine sent us a handbook that she developed. It includes Health care, feeding, housebreaking, training and more.  I cannot praise this handbook enough!   I have to attribute our success with Lincoln’s training to date to this Handbook.  
Loraine’s support after bringing Lincoln home has been exceptional as well.  She called after couple of days to see how we were doing.  She made it clear that she is only an e-mail or phone call away if we have any questions.  Lorraine a very sincere person who cares very much about her puppies and clients. Her support is the best!  Bravo Lorraine! 

We cannot Thank you enough! Glenda Baker

Lincoln BigBay PWD

Portuguese Water Dog Toronto OntarioTestimonial - Ziya and her family thank BigBay! We brought Ziya home one month ago and she is amazing. Most of the time she is super sweet and all theneighbors are in love with her. She is also very smart, she has already mastered "sit" and has no problem getting in her crate for naps and nighttime. She has slept through the night from the second day home and has no problem with any of the thunder storms we've had this summer. On the times we've had puppy trials and tribulations, Lorraine has only been a phone call away and in one case let us visit for a tutorial at no charge before official puppy classes started.
We are extremely happy with Ziya and Lorraine has been a pleasure to deal with. We'd recommend Lorraine and Big Bay to anyone looking for an amazing PWD. Sarah G.

Portuguese Water Dog Toronto Ontario

Testimonial -Paddy joined our family just over 3 years ago. He is a super friendly family dog who loves to be touched and with his people all the time. When we got him he already knew how to sit and that has been his default position ever since. When we were looking for a dog we wanted a calm and friendly dog.
Paddy has been even better than we hoped for. He greets everyone like they are his long lost best friend and seems to smile and friends and strangers.
When he meets new dogs he takes on the playful and even submissive role. He just wants to play. Thank you Lorraine for your thoughtful breeding. We love our Porty.

Jacqueline F.

Portuguese Water Dog Toronto Ontario

Testimonial -“It is with gratitude that we mark the passing of one more year with our HEART dog. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your part in bringing us together with our Dixen. He continues to bring joy to every day. He has opened up a new extended family and friends.  Waking up to his sweet face is like Christmas year round!  Jennifer and Vital

(Dixen-  Dam- Lena- GR Ch BigBay Stormy Weather (CWD):  Sire – Lucas- BIS Ch BigBay Selkie’s Waggish Mate



Testimonial - We brought Cori home from Lorraine's house 3 and a half years ago and she has brought joy to our family every day since.  She is a fabulous, intelligent, child friendly pet who is always up for playtime or a cuddle, and she is an excellent listener. It was great to be able to visit her before she came home to us, and to hear updates about her growth and social development. When we had training struggles or questions after she came home, Lorraine was just a phone call away with calm advice and guidance.  She still answers our questions!  If we are out watching a soccer game, walking along our local creek, or picking the kids up from practise, Cori is often complimented by other people for how well trained, friendly, and pretty she is.  We are so proud of our little miss, we love her.
portuguese water dog puppy
Testimonial - Our experience with Big Bay Portuguese Water Dogs has been nothing short of amazing. From the initial discussion of adding a puppy to our family, and through the entire process, Lorraine has been a trusted and knowledgeable breeder whom we have a great respect.. Her screening process ensures a fantastic puppy match. She has been supportive in providing information on raising a new PWD and we can call on her at any time to answer questions or to share our puppy’s milestones. We are amazed with the ease of how our furry friend settled into the family. Dipper is a beautiful, intelligent, and healthy pup that is fun loving and a joy to be around. Dipper came home at a busy time- she socialized wonderfully with our holiday visitors, including nine rambunctious kids. We are extremely satisfied with Big Bay and recommend them to anyone wanting a pedigree PWD from an experienced and supportive breeder. Thanks to Lorraine for taking the time to ensure a perfect PWD match with our family.
Testimonial - We purchased Sadie from Lorraine in October 2009, and have never looked back. This was our first family dog for our youngest two children ages 8 and 10 at the time. Lorraine was so helpful with everything from the first few days to our decision to put a championship on her. Her guidance and easy approachable manner has made her a joy to work with. We are thoroughly enjoying Sadie and are extremely happy with her. We look forward to the spring and starting water training once again with Lorraine. Portuguese Water Dog Toronto Ontario
Portuguese Water Dog Toronto Ontario 4 Paws Training
Above - Sadie playing with her sister and aunt.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”– Josh Billings

bigbay paws
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